ORLIN Technologies Ltd has been providing solutions in precision motion control technology for a decade. We are industry specialists based in the UK and deliver high quality complete systems and components in motion control, micro and nano-positioning solutions and related products for science, industry and manufacturing.

As products become more compact and features become even smaller, the need to manipulate small objects, tiny distances, with great accuracy, has increased enormously. ORLIN Technologies has teamed up with the leading international manufacturers in their respective fields to bring you the most innovative and reliable products on the market. Our expertise means that we are able to offer a full technical support service whilst providing the very best value for money to our customers.

We can provide components for an existing automated production line through to individual components for small projects. Our customers include multi-national manufacturers, industrial production specialists, universities, entrepreneurs and inventors. We have experienced engineers who can visit your site and discuss how ORLIN's products can increase your productivity and profitability.

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ORLIN Technologies Ltd can offer various demonstration kits to help in further and higher education.


ORLIN supplies products used in manufacturing, on production lines, in quality testing and in assembly 

Quality Control

ORLIN can provide a unique quality control measurement system which automates inspection procedures


Ever stricter specifications for the acceptance of components, particularly in the automotive industry,

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