Controllers for Stepper, Servo and Linear motors

ORLIN Technologies offers controllers for all of its range of motors and stages, as well as compatible devices from other suppliers. We have a wide range to suit almost every application and are developing new models with Industrial Fieldbus connectivity to satisfy the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Stepper motor controllers

Programmable controllers allow stepper motors to run sequences of movements “stand alone” without external control such as from a PLC. However, most controllers will also accept external inputs like “step” and “direction” signals. We have programmable controllers for stepper motors from 1A to 8A.

Stepper motor drivers

Stepper motor drivers do not have any progamming capability and rely solely on external signals. They are therefore simple and low cost devices that are often compact enough to be mounted on the motor itself, saving space and wiring.

DC motor controllers

DC motor controllers provide open loop speed control and motion sequencing for brushed and brushless motors. These are distinct from servo controllers which require a feedback device (usually an encoder) for more precise speed and position control.

Servo controllers

Also provide speed and position control for brushed and brushless motors rotary and linear motors, but feedback from a position sensor and sophisticated control loops give the optimum response to any position or velocity demand. These units are usually programmable, so can run “stand alone” without external inputs, but many also offer connection via digital I/O or more a sophisticated  communications interface.