Piezo Actuators

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Developed for highly dynamic applications in the space industry, ORLIN Technologies is the exclusive UK distributor of piezo actuators from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, featuring …

  • Much larger displacements per unit length than competing technologies
  • Highest mechanical energy density per unit volume and mass on the market
  • Large stiffness and force density
  • Low supply voltage
  • Positioning with nanometre precision
  • Zero backlash and no play
  • Very short response time for dynamic applications
  • Low power consumption

Application fields include precise and rapid actuation, optics, instrumentation and active control of vibrations. To meet the varying demands of these applications, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES have developed three distinct families of standard piezoelectric actuators with their corresponding drivers and controllers:

  • Parallel Pre-stressed Actuators (PPA)
  • Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators (APA®)
  • Piezo Actuator Mechanisms
  • Drivers & Controllers

CEDRAT Piezo Actuators


For quick and easy evaluation of Cedrat Technologies’ piezo actuators, we now offer an evaluation kit including an APA120S actuator and CAu10 linear amplifier.

Parallel Pre-stressed Actuators (PPA)

The parallel pre-stressed actuator is a preloaded stack of low voltage piezoelectric ceramics (MLA). The preload (or pre-stress) is obtained from an external spring frame made of stainless steel which protects the MLA against tensile force and provides mechanical interfaces for the user allowing an easier integration. This pre-stressing frame applies an optimal preloading force to the MLA which ensures a longer lifetime and better performance with dynamic applications than traditional preloaded actuators.

The PPA model is lighter than the compacting Direct Piezo Actuator, with the same electromechanical properties. Its compact size also makes integration easier in mechanical assembly.

Three series (M, L, XL) of PPAs are available in order to meet the different needs in terms of stroke, force and dimensions.

Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators (APA®)

Patented by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, the Amplified piezoelectric actuator, is a mechanical magnified preloaded stack of low voltage piezoelectric ceramics (MLA).

The mechanical amplification is obtained thanks to an external elliptical shell made of stainless steel which magnifies along the short axis the MLA deformation occurring along the main axis. This elliptical frame also protects the MLA against tensile force. It provides the user with mechanical interfaces for easy integration. This prestressing and magnifying flextensionnal frame applies an optimal preloading force to the MLA which ensures a longer life time and better performances than traditional mechanical amplifiers based on lever arm and flexure pivot, when dynamically applied.

APA®120S actuator

The APA® developed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has force and displacement performance ranges exceeding those of direct or bimorph Piezo actuators.

10 series (uXS, XXS, XS, S, SM, M, MML, ML, L, XL) of APA® are available in order to meet the different needs in terms of stroke, force and dimensions.

Piezo Actuator Mechanisms

Mainly based on the APA® concept, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed different mechanisms in order to fulfill its customers’ requests for several degrees of freedom kinematics. These mechanisms take advantage of the APA® concept offering a reliable, robust, precise and compact solution to its users.

These Standard mechanisms are currently available in order to meet various needs in terms of kinematics and force.

Drivers & Controllers

To fulfill various requirements in terms of driving and control conditions for its piezo actuators (static, pulse, dynamic), CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developped 3 different families of standard drivers:

CA45: Low cost, compact (1 channel) stand-alone linear voltage amplifier and power supply for precise quasi-static motion.

For more demanding applications, we offer a modular rack system with a combination of the following components:

LC75: AC-DC converter with stabilised output for low-noise supply of linear amplifiers.

LA75: Linear voltage amplifier with a choice of power outputs for precise dynamic motion.

SP75: Switching power amplifier for fast motion.

These standard drivers can be equipped with controllers and sensor conditioners. Note also that various new / customized drivers (such as switching amplifiers, oem products, space electronics) may be developed upon request.


Piezo Motors

Stepping Piezoelectric Actuators (SPA) are new long-stroke linear or rotating piezoelectric motors for micro/nano positioning applications benefiting from proven APA® heritage. They operate by accumulation of small steps. The motion can be either linear (LSPA motors) or rotary (RSPA motors).

The motors can be supplied with the dedicated controller SPC45 or with standard Linear Amplifiers CA45 or LA75.

The Piezoelectric Motors SPA have the following outstanding characteristics and benefits:

  • High speed up to 70mm/s. Reduces cycle times and increases productivity
  • Blocking at rest. Power can be removed when the motor is in position.
  • Resistance to external forces (shock, vibrations). Ideal for embedded applications
  • Strong miniaturisation possibilities.
  • Non magnetic. The motor is MRI compatible and does not generate magnetic fields.
  • High resolution to the nanometre range if required.
  • Life time greater than 10^6 cycles
  • Severe environment compatibility (vacuum, cryogenic, clean environment…)
  • Few parts: cost-effective solution for series production

SPA piezo motors are targeting biotechnology, medical devices, aerospace, defence, microscopy, laboratory automation, materials characterization, digital imaging, recreational equipment, IC manufacturing and photonics.

Piezo motors provide the smallest size, greatest efficiency, highest precision when applied in these areas.