Industrial Applications of ORLIN Technology’s products can improve accuracy and throughput in production and verify parts during testing.

  • Force and position feedback in a single unit
  • Quantifies switch “feel” (Tactile feedback)
  • Qualitative and life-test analysis in one unit
  • High speed, long life design for continuous operation
  • 1 million cycles in 8 hours
  • Data capture to plot force vs position (see below)
  • Pass/Fail windows for in-line inspection
  • I/O capability for failure detection (“lights out” operation)
  • 100% SPC test data provision to comply with ISO/TS16949 and QS standards

This video shows high value, delicate automotive parts being tested by a moving coil actuator. This ensures that the tests are being carried out with a controlled force, providing feedback to software to ensure accurate, instant response to the testing.

Because of their unique combination of features, new applications for SMAC actuators are emerging all the time. Please contact us if you feel your application might benefit from the SMAC Advantage. We are more than happy to carry out evaluation trials.