ORLIN supplies products used in manufacturing, on production lines, in quality testing and in assembly 

throughout the world. Our components can be integrated into your existing infrastructure, or we can help design and supply a complete system for you.

Applications in manufacturing and packaging:

Packaging and manufacturing uses

Traditional actuators use pneumatics which can be loud, require regular, manual adjustment, need a gas supply, be inflexible in terms of force, acceleration and position and have a fairly short lifespan. Linear and rotary actuators by SMAC, supplied by ORLIN Technologies, offer a solution to all these issues. Linear and Rotary moving coil actuators offer a high speed (>2000 cycles per minute) with a flexible control of force, acceleration and position combined with patented SoftLand technology to eliminate damage to parts. All adjustment is done via a user interface and does not need mechanical tuning. Our actuators have a long life span and complete over 900million life cycles – more than ten times the lifespan of compressed air cylinders. All these advantages, along with a low energy consumption and near silent operation.

Our products from Cedrat Technologies demonstrate that mechatronic solutions create high added value in manufacturing processes while being cost effective. Our customers are advanced machine manufacturers, machine-tool builders, tool makers, spindle suppliers and end users willing to optimize advanced metal cutting, metal forming, extrusion and chemical processes.
Our mechatronics components such as actuators, sensors, drivers and controllers, are specifically designed for manufacturing environments. They are extra flat, powerful and precise and are traditionally used in harsh, heavy duty and high temperature environments. In addition the motional and sensing performances cover a wide dynamic bandwidth. Starting from diagnostic services, mechatronic systems are designed to be Plug & Play Products or integrated as OEM versions in new machines. The scope of our solutions is not limited to engineering work. They offer the opportunity for large-scale industrial cost-effective products. The projects of today are the smart products of tomorrow.

Manufacturing Applications