Electric actuators are used for various applications in packaging automation. Some of our products have been specifically designed with packaging equipment in mind.
Our programmable linear actuators are able to perform efficiently and effectively where traditional air cylinders struggle to provide the speed, reliability, control-ability and longevity required to meet customers’ needs.

Packaging Automation

Our actuators have been used in many packaging applications, including

  • Capping bottles
  • De-blistering medication
  • Dispensing powdered foodstuffs into bags
  • Testing cardboard packaging strength
  • Ejecting bottles from production line
  • Labelling
  • Bottle filling
  • Child-proof cap testing
  • Bottle leak testing

Contact us and tell us your biggest packaging equipment challenges. We will then tell you how our electric actuators can solve your problems and save you time and money.

We have more information available on our moving coil actuators here. 

Packaging automation