One of the core applications for SMAC actuators is high speed pick and place, particularly of small, delicate parts such as SMT chips and wristwatch components.

Our units can be integrated into your existing production environment, or we can work with you to produce a new line to include SMAC units and optimise its performance. This application can be used for the assembly of small and delicate parts. To pick, the actuator can be fitted with a vacuum cup which allows for extremely quick picking, with soft handling of parts to make this suitable for any application.

Advantages of the SMAC solution are:
    • Very high speed and acceleration (up to 15g (~150ms-2)), which leads to a high throughput.
    • Force control provided by softland for handling delicate parts
    • Can pick and place at any height
    • Long life (hundreds of millions of cycles) because no pneumatics involved
    • Fully programmable in position, velocity, acceleration and force results in higher versatility
    • Micron and sub-micron accuracy
    • No air supply needed which results in quieter, cleaner operation and lower maintenance costs
    • Integrated multiple axis units are available
    • Integrated vacuum path (with optional filter)
    • Break-away shafts and custom tips are available for different applications
    • The technology is proven through the thousands of units in the field

Pick and Place in Action

Pick and place actuators