ORLIN can provide a unique quality control measurement system which automates inspection procedures which have, until now, required a manual check. Our automated gauging and inspection solutions give you:

  • 100% “no defects” inspection
  • Increased quality
  • SPC data acquisition
  • Process control feedback
  • Increased throughput
  • Micron or sub-micron accuracy
  • Softland to prevent damage to delicate or expensive parts and tools
  • “In-line CMM”

This video will show you a linear actuator being used to measure a ring for dimensional inspection. All SMAC actuators are fully programmable, offering a unique automated contact measurement system which fully automates inspection procedures. ORLIN Technologies can design a bespoke solution for your production line which will reduce costs, save time and reduce errors.


Take a look at our case study of automated screw thread inspection for just one of many applications we have been involved in.