Piezo Actuators

Piezo Motors and Stages

Piezo ActuatorsOverviewStepping Piezoelectric Actuators (SPA) are new long-stroke linear or rotating piezoelectric motors for micro/nano positioning applications benefiting from proven APA® heritage. They operate by accumulation of small steps. The motion can be...

Piezo Actuator Mechanisms

Piezo ActuatorsOverviewMainly based on the APA® concept, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed different mechanisms in order to fulfill its customers’ requests for several degrees of freedom kinematics. These mechanisms take advantage of the APA® concept offering a...

Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators (APA®)

Piezo ActuatorsOverviewPatented by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, the Amplified piezoelectric actuator, is a mechanical magnified preloaded stack of low voltage piezoelectric ceramics (MLA). The mechanical amplification is obtained thanks to an external elliptical shell made of...

Parallel Pre-stressed Actuators (PPA)

Piezo ActuatorsOverviewThe PPA is a preloaded low voltage piezoelectric actuator using a direct-acting multilayer ceramic stack (MLA). Most conventional Direct Piezo Acutators use an MLA preloaded by Belville washers on the end of the stack, enclosed in a rigid case....

Piezo Drivers and Controllers


To fulfill various requirements in terms of driving and control conditions for its piezo actuators (static, pulse, dynamic), CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed 3 different families of standard drivers:

CA45: Low cost, compact (1 channel) stand-alone linear voltage amplifier and power supply for precise quasi-static motion.

For more demanding applications, we offer a modular rack system with a combination of the following components:

LC75: AC-DC converter with stabilised output for low-noise supply of linear amplifiers.

LA75: Linear voltage amplifier with a choice of power outputs for precise dynamic motion.

SP75: Switching power amplifier for fast motion.

These standard drivers can be equipped with controllers and sensor conditioners. Note also that various new / customized drivers (such as switching amplifiers, oem products, space electronics) may be developed upon request.

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