Small integrated stepper motorsIntegrated stepper motors have the driver mounted directly on the motor for ease of integration, reduced wiring complexity and compactness.

Our new series of integrated stepper motor drivers – SMD-mini – is designed for small and medium size stepper motors, up to 4.2A phase current. They are designed to fit neatly onto the back of the appropriate motor and come in three models to cover most applications.

The SMD-mini range can be supplied as a discrete driver to fit to your own motor or ready mounted on the matching motor from our range. Just connect power and control signals and you are ready to go!

The simple control logic – pulse signals STEP and DIR – is the most common in industrial and home use applications and suitable for a wide range of usage areas.

The SMD-4.2 has a built-in signal generator which allows it to operate stand-alone as a simple speed control without an external signal source. The speed of the motor is adjusted by a potentiometer.


Max. current
per phase,
Microstepping Size,
SMD-1.6 mini 1.6 12 – 48 VDC 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/16 18x42x42
SMD-2.8 mini 2.8 21x56x56
SMD-4.2 mini 4.2 31x85x85