ORLIN Technologies is the UK distributor of an excellent range of opto-mechanics products. These can be bought directly via our webshop www.opto-mechanics.co.uk or you can give us a call for a chat about your requirements.


Our range of quality opto-mechanical components includes;

  • Manual linear and rotary and tilting positioning stages
  • Motorised linear and rotary positioning stages
  • Motorised microscope stages
  • Fibre stages
  • Precision adjustable lens, mirror and prism mounts
  • Optical mounts and adaptors
  • Micrometers and fine-pitch screws
  • Mounting posts and rails
  • Breadboards and brackets
  • Associated components
  • Drivers, controllers and stepper motors
  • Voice coil linear actuators
  • Posts, post holders and post clamps
  • Thread adaptors
  • Optical rails and brackets