Manual Stages

Precision Manual Rotary Stages

Manual StagesOverviewManual rotary stages (sometimes known as rotary tables) allow precise rotational motion around a single axis. Precision bearings allow smooth movement and eliminate wobble and runout. All  models have 360 degree continuous rotation and engraved...

Precision Manual Linear Stages

Manual StagesOverviewManual linear stages from ORLIN offer precision movement at a very attractive price. The comprehensive range encompasses miniature models to large platforms 120mm wide. Crossed-roller bearings are standard on many ranges with the option to upgrade...

Manual Multi-Axis Stages


Linear and rotary stages can be combined to produce assemblies with multiple degrees of freedom. We have a range of brackets and mounting plates to facilitate this. 

We also have integrated multiple axis stages in XY, XZ and XYZ configurations to eliminate assembly errors. 

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