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SW3A is the line of fieldbus vector drives – equipped with an EtherCAT (CoE) interface with integrated DS402 functionality – for 2-phase stepper motors, designed and produced by Ever Elettronica.

With breakthrough performance and incorporating “Else – Error Less Servo Efficient” technology, for precise sinusoidal current control, the SW3A drive series allows stepper motors to be controlled with drastically reduced noise, less heating and extremely smooth motor movement.

They can be used in many types of equipment where a fieldbus master controller is already installed to control single or multi-axis systems.

They are above all suitable for use in all applications where not only versatility, precision and speed are required, but also quietness and smoothness of movement – such as in the medical technology field.

Fully digital and with the use of Arm Core M4 technology, SW3A drives offer exceptional reliability combined with mechanical compactness and competitive cost.

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