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Controllers for Stepper, Servo and Linear Motors

Programmable Controllers

Controllers for Stepper, Servo and Linear MotorsOverviewWe offer programmable controllers for all step motors with current per phase from 0.1A to 8.0A. SMSD stepper motor controllers provide advanced functionality with a choice of control modes and interfaces...

Closed-Loop Servo Drives

Controllers for Stepper, Servo and Linear MotorsOverviewClosed-loop servo drives are electronic units that provide power and control to a servo motor. The word "servo" implies a closed-loop system, where a position sensor (normally an encoder) provides continuous...

Step-Direction Stepper Motor Drivers

Controllers for Stepper, Servo and Linear MotorsOverviewStepper Motors are widely used in CNC machines, robotics, process automation systems and other applications, but they require matching step-direction stepper motor drivers to process motion reference signals into...

CNC Machine Controllers


CNC Machine controllers are sophisticated devices designed to control a complete process. It will have extensive I/O capabilities for controlling external peripherals. ORLIN Technologies is proud to have partnered with a UK electronics manufacturer to offer the PMC-4 Universal control system which includes a full PLC, Motion Controller, Display and Keypad. The PMC4 is a very flexible and can be used for many applications such as CNC, process control, automation, motion control or to replace a PLC.


Separate power connection for the output drivers with up to 48 volts operation.

8 TTL outputs (for driving stepper motors etc).
8 High power drivers (up to 4 amps output) with protection.
4 Bidirectional inputs/outputs can be used as inputs outputs or both.
Opto Isolated inputs can be set to TTL level or PLC (24 volt) style.
4 Analogue outputs (16 bits) gives +/- 10 Volts.
4 High speed analogue inputs +/- 2048 M.V.
RS485, RS232 and CAN serial ports.
4 dedicated encoder inputs with Z pulses.
3 counters for jog encoders or general counters.
USB port, for use with mass storage etc.
2MB of static battery backed memory.
64MB of DDR ram for running programs.
16MB of flash memory.
Bright clear TFT display with 640 by 480 pixels, 65536 colors.
Splash proof Tactile QWERTY keypad.
Wide power options 13 to 32 volts (low power).
Includes a jog control to change velocity on the fly etc.

If you have any further questions about CNC Machine Controllers, please just get in touch!

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