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What are moving coil actuators?

Moving coil actuators (MCAs) are a type of linear motor with a fixed magnet and a coil that is free to move. Applying an electric current to the coil generates an electromagnetic force and hence a motor action.

What makes our moving coil actuators different?

ORLIN Technologies are distributors of SMAC voice coil (VCA) or moving coil actuators and positioning stages which differ Pile of SMAC moving coil actuators - artyfrom conventional VCAs because they have a precision linear guide to constrain the motion to a single axis and a linear encoder for position feedback. Using closed-loop servo control they are unique in that their force, position, acceleration and velocity are freely and totally programmable.

Utilising SMAC’s proprietary linear motor technology, they are designed to perform at exceptionally high speeds and with a very high degree of accuracy and repeatability. High quality materials, heavy duty linear guides and careful design minimise the number of wearing parts resulting in a incredibly long-lived device. Life times of several hundred-million cycles are commonplace. 

Strokes range from 5mm to 250mm and peak forces up to 300N are available.

All models are provided with closed-loop position feedback by non-contact linear encoders with resolution options ranging from 5 microns to 5 nanometres. The direct drive nature of their linear motor completely eliminates backlash and means repeatability of +/- 2 encoder counts is assured.

How do we control them?

The actuators can either be combined with a separate controller unit, or supplied complete with a built-in controller. These units are ideal for replacement of pneumatic cylinders where increased lifetime, speed and control are desirable. Simply connect power and control signals and you are ready to go. Control signals are fully compatible with those from pneumatic systems for drop-in replacement. A user-friendly graphical app makes configuration easy. Moving coil actuators become a powerful motion solution with flexible I/O capabilities, an intelligent & intuitive programming language and exceptional dynamic performance.

This makes them ideal for a wide range of positioning, measuring, inspection, assembly and pick & place applications, particularly where 100% verification is required.

The range:

– Linear Actuators
– Linear / Rotary Actuators
– Cylinder Actuators
– Multi-Axis Linear Actuators
– Grippers