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ORLIN Technologies is the UK distributor for the extensive range of manual stages from Op Mount Instrument Inc, Taiwan.

Stack of manual positioning stagesThese precision engineered stages are available with up to 100mm of travel and most feature crossed-roller bearings as standard (our competitors usually offer ball bearings on their standard ranges).

Our stages are available with micrometer or fine pitch screw adjustment and with vee-grooved, crossed roller bearing guides for even higher precision and load capacity. Rotary, tilt and multiple axis combinations are available, as are mounting brackets.

This high quality and wide choice does not, however, come at a high price. For example, our TS65-1 stage with 25mm of travel, crossed roller bearings, micrometer adjustment and a 65mm platform costs just £140.00+VAT. Compare this with our competitors, and this stage is extremely good value.

We can also supply motorised actuators to directly replace the manual adjuster and provide a fully automated positioning solution depending on the application. Please contact us with your requirements.

Our full range of linear, rotary and multi-axis manual stages are available on our dedicated opto-mechanics e-commerce site where you can download datasheets, order on-line and pay by credit card. Please visit it for more information.

If you do not find what you need in our standard range, we can also provide custom engineered designs at a very competitive price. Please get in touch for more information.


Manual Multi-Axis Stages

Manual Multi-Axis Stages

Manual StagesOverviewWe supply various manual multi-axis stages, made in Taiwan. Linear and rotary stages can be...