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Developed for highly dynamic applications in the space industry, ORLIN Technologies is the exclusive UK distributor of piezoelectric devices from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, featuring: 

Group of various Piezoelectric DevicesMuch larger displacements per unit length than competing technologies
Highest mechanical energy density per unit volume and mass on the market
Large stiffness and force density
Low supply voltage
Positioning with nanometre precision
Zero backlash and no play
Very short response time for dynamic applications
Low power consumption

Application fields include precise and rapid actuation, optics, instrumentation and active control of vibrations. To meet the varying demands of these applications, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES have developed several distinct families of standard piezoelectric devices with their corresponding drivers and controllers

■  Parallel Pre-stressed Actuators (PPA)
■  Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators (APA®)
■  Piezo Actuator Mechanisms
■  Drivers and Controllers
■  Piezo Motors and Stages

For quick and easy evaluation of Cedrat Technologies’ piezo actuators, we now offer an evaluation kit including an APA120S actuator and CAu10 linear amplifier.

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