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Piezo Actuators

Piezo Motors and Stages

Piezo ActuatorsOverviewWe supply various piezo motors and stages from CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES. Stepping Piezoelectric Actuators (SPA) are new long-stroke linear or rotating piezoelectric motors for micro/nano positioning applications benefiting from proven APA® heritage....

Piezo Actuator Mechanisms

Piezo ActuatorsOverviewMainly based on the APA® concept, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed different piezo actuator mechanisms in order to fulfil its customers’ requests for several degrees of freedom kinematics. These mechanisms take advantage of the APA® concept...

Amplified Piezoelectric Actuators (APA®)

Piezo ActuatorsOverviewPatented by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, amplified piezoelectric actuators are a mechanical magnified preloaded stack of low voltage piezoelectric ceramics (MLA). The mechanical amplification is obtained thanks to an external elliptical shell made of...

Parallel Pre-stressed Piezo Actuators

Piezo ActuatorsOverviewParallel pre-stressed piezo actuators (PPA) are preloaded low voltage piezoelectric actuators using a direct-acting multilayer ceramic stack (MLA). Most conventional Direct Piezo Actuators use an MLA preloaded by Belville washers on the end of...

Piezo Drivers and Controllers


To fulfill various requirements in terms of driving and control conditions for its piezo actuators (static, pulse, dynamic), CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed 2 different families of piezo drivers and controllers: 

Compact PCB devices for embedded and OEM applications 

CCBu40: an embedded all-in-one controller for piezo actuators  

CCBu20: an embedded all-in-one 2 axis controller  

The main applications for these two all-in-one controllers are: actuator position control, active control of vibrations and embedded solutions  

CAu10: a unipolar (5V..150V) miniature linear amplifier with low noise and low cost features.  

CAu20: a miniature single channel amplifier for piezo actuators in open loop, which delivers 100mA and requires a DC voltage of 12 to 24 V. 

The new generation of compact amplifiers CAuxx for piezo actuators includes PCB interfaces with standard connectors. The Compact Controller Boards CCBu20 and CCBu40 are embedded all-in-one 2 push pull channel controllers. 

Modular 19 inch rack based system 

LC75: AC-DC converter with stabilised output for low-noise supply of linear amplifiers. 

LA75: Linear voltage amplifier with a choice of power outputs for precise dynamic motion. 

SP75: Switching power amplifier for fast motion. 

These standard drivers can be equipped with controllers and sensor conditioners. Note also that various new / customized drivers (such as switching amplifiers, oem products, space electronics) may be developed upon request. 

To chat about piezo drivers and controllers, please just get in touch!

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