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ORLIN Technologies is able to offer comprehensive, bespoke training specifically designed to fit the needs and experience of your business. Drawing on our years of experience with our products, especially SMAC, training with ORLIN can be arranged either at our premises or on-site. 

Extensive course documentation is provided and hands-on experience is encouraged either using your own equipment or our own demonstration units. 

Designing, implementing and programming a solution is what we do best, thanks to the broad knowledge gained over many years of working with actuators, drivers, controllers and associated technologies. Now we want to share our knowledge with our customers, so that you are able to adapt your own technology to best meet your needs as they evolve over time.

Our training packages are tailored to your very specific needs but typically include:

• Free initial telephone consultation, where we will discuss your business and what knowledge would help meet your challenges and improve your productivity.

• Detailed quotation, including a proposed itinerary.

• Training can be delivered at your offices or in our workshop in Milton Keynes.

• We can offer half-day, full-day or up to week long training.

• Targeted training for one to five people.

• Course notes available afterwards.

Recent training delivered has included: Installation and programming of moving parts for an art installation, programming for controllers used in a production line, installation and programming of a bottle capping solution. 

Get in touch with ORLIN Technologies Ltd today to find out more.