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Ever stricter specifications for the acceptance of components, particularly in the automotive industry, have increased the pressure for 100% quality verification of all manufacturing processes over the last few years. Screw thread inspection is no exception – see a case study here: Screw thread inspection CASE STUDY.

Until recently, common practice for thread detection has been the use of Eddy Current probes, lasers, proximity sensors or a vision system. These systems were successful to some degree but today’s quality-conscious end customers need to know more than just the presence of a thread.

ORLIN Technologies can now offer a solution that automates the tried and tested thread gauge method of screw thread quality inspection, based on the LAR series of linear / rotary moving coil (voice coil) actuators from SMAC.

Screw Thread CheckerFEATURES:

Automatically checks for:

Minor diameter out of spec
Major diameter out of spec
Pitch diameter out of spec
Foreign objects (e.g. broken tap, swarf etc)
Double tapped thread
Thread depth
Missing threads

The system can be used with blind or through holes, internal or external threads. It is easily incorporated into a production environment to give definitive pass/fail checks of thread quality at high speed and low cost. It has been designed for long life and minimal maintenance, meaning complete reliability even under 24/7 operation.

SPC data acquisition for process control means that tool wear becomes apparent sooner, increasing quality of all of your parts. All of this translates to higher throughput, lower costs and increased customer confidence.

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