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Moving Coil Actuators

Moving Coil Actuator Grippers

Moving Coil ActuatorsOverviewSMAC electric moving coil actuator grippers incorporate programmable speeds, positions and forces with data feedback. The ability to independently control each jaw allows precise force control, measurement and positioning. This makes them...

Multi-Axis Linear Actuators

Moving Coil ActuatorsOverviewORLIN supplies multi-axis linear actuators from SMAC, who offer high-speed precision XY stages. SMAC virtues of a direct drive zero backlash system, which can be controlled with great accuracy and repeatability. SMAC XY stages are equipped...

Cylinder Moving Coil Actuators

Moving Coil ActuatorsOverviewHigh speed, compact and price-competitive cylinder moving coil actuators that provide an alternative to pneumatic cylinders with superior performance. SMAC electric cylinders offer life cycle well beyond 100 million cycles and the ability...

Linear / Rotary Actuators

Moving Coil ActuatorsOverviewThe precision Z-theta motion within one small actuator, providing a convenient pick, orient and place. A wide variety of linear rotary actuators are offered with either direct drive or gearbox equipped rotary units.  The vacuum-built-in...

Linear Moving Coil Actuators


Linear moving coil actuators from SMAC come in two forms; rod type (e.g. LAL, LBL, LCA and LCB series) and slide type (LAS, LBS, LCS and SLA series). Rod type are offered in a wide range of sizes, styles, and options for automated manufacturing, packaging, assembly applications, and more. These programmable linear actuators range from units with 10mm stroke in a compact unit only 8mm in height, to units with 250mm of stroke length or up to 500N peak force.

The LAL series are SMAC’s original design of linear actuators with stroke from 5mm to 150mm.

The LCA series were developed as the next generation servo motor based on moving coil technology. Its unique design ensures high product quality and competitive price.

The LBL is price competitive with pneumatics but offers much higher cycle rate and longer life. The LBL can be integrated into the “STACK” for OEM multi-actuator stations.

The LCB designs incorporate SMAC’s improved magnetic circuits which result in much higher flux density. This increases the force generated by 2 to 3 times for the same package size.

SMAC’s linear slide actuators are designed based on linear actuators and their performance characteristics are largely the same. SMAC offers electric linear slides ranging from compact to the units with long travels with precision positioning to fulfil a wide variety of automation system applications.

The SLA series are designed for precision movement applications. A very light moving mass means high accelerations with no backlash. Crossed roller bearings result in extremely high accuracy and repeatability.

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