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Motorised Rotary Stages

Motorised ProductsOverviewOur motorised rotary stages and actuators enable large loads to be rotated precisely and smoothly. They feature full 360-degree rotation and most have a centre aperture for passing cables or to provide an optical path.   With load capacity up...

Ballscrew Linear Modules

Motorised ProductsOverviewMotorised linear modules and translation stages are designed to carry heavy loads accurately in a straight line. They are available with strokes up to 2m and can be equipped with the most appropriate motor for your application, such as servo...

Belt Drive Linear Modules

Motorised ProductsOverviewLML series belt drive linear modules from Smart Motor Devices are designed for precise linear motion of light loads with great value for money. The main structure of the LML series linear module is a T-slot aluminium extrusion which takes the...

Motorised Microscope Stages

Motorised ProductsOverviewOur motorised microscope stages have been designed as drop-in replacements for manual stages found on many microscopes to provide Microscope stagesmotorised XY positioning of samples. Alternatively, mounting brackets enable the stage to be...

Moving Iron Controllable Actuators


ORLIN Technologies Ltd, in partnership with innovative designer and manufacturer CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, is proud to launch the NEW linear Moving Iron Controllable Actuator (MICA) product line to the UK. The MICA range of products has been developed, with associated drive electronics, in response to a need for highly reliable, long-life solutions.

Moving Iron Controllable Actuators (MICA™) are magnetic actuators providing a controllable high force along the stroke. The patented technology of the MICA™ combines the power density of electro-magnetic actuators (EMA) and the controllability of moving coil actuators (MCCA). MICAs are versatile actuators: precise at low speed, efficient at resonance and providing high force above resonance frequency.

MICA products are particularly suited for dynamic applications requiring long strokes. MICA™ actuators provide:

Large force in a compact design
High dynamics, resulting in high acceleration
High reliability
High resolution: MICA™ actuators have continuous displacement, enabling them to reach high resolution.
Low self-heating: MICA™’s configuration helps in thermal dissipation and has an integrated temperature sensor to monitor the coil heat. Additional cooling technologies can be added to further lower the operating temperature, if required for the environment.

Other options available are:

Frictionless long life flexure bearings: the manufacturer’s experience in designing mechanisms has been applied to flexures, providing long life (more than 100 million cycles tested), friction free (linear behavior) and natural frequency that can be tuned.
Incremental position sensor: Every MICA™ can integrate 15um resolution sensor. Higher performances (less than 1um) can be achieved upon request.
Accessories: MICA™’s design is also compatible with standard mechanical accessories: brackets, ball joint, supports etc.

Please contact us for more information on the MICA range.

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