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We can offer an extensive range of motors at extremely competitive prices, meaning that our range of specialist products is now more accessible than ever before.

This extensive range of stepper motors and drivers are compatible with many of ORLIN’s other products, including Motorised Stages, Microscope Stages and Linear and Rotary Actuators. You can purchase these items separately or you can get in touch and we can suggest products for a package to fit your needs.

Stepper Motors

Sometimes known as “step motors”, these are a simple, low cost solution for precision motion. They provide high torque at low speeds and do not require a feedback sensor for accurate positioning. Of course an sensor such as an encoder can be added to eliminate possible errors due to step loss. We offer both open-loop stepper motors and closed-loop stepper motors.

Control is straightforward using either step-direction drivers or more sophisticated controllers.

Servo Motors

These may be any kind of rotary motor coupled with a sensor (usually an encoder) for position feedback. A compatible servo drive continuously monitors encoder position and compares it with a target signal from a motion controller. It then adjusts the speed / position of the motor to compensate of any difference. Servos are typically used where high speed and accurate positioning is required.

Linear servo are also available with similar control principles to rotary servos, but these are usually called simply linear motors or linear actuators.

Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors

BLDC provide smooth, quiet motion and are often used for higher-speed applications. Their construction requires electronic commutation of the power input, so a suitable driver must be used.

Brushed DC Gearmotors

These are the most simple to control with only variable voltage or current required to adjust speed and torque. Depending on application, driving electronics may not be required at all but if electronic control is required, ORLIN can provide suitable drives.

For further information or to discuss your application, please just get in touch