ORLIN Christmas Logo

ORLIN Technologies has been supplying actuators and related motion control products for over 10 years. 

But what exactly do our products do?! Our actuators tend to be small and precise. In a nutshell, they are able to do most movements that a human hand can do, with a similar range in force. However, our machines have precision and control that a human hand could never achieve and give instant feedback to provide results when needed. 

Our actuators have the ability to push, pull, twist, turn, drag and drop, at very accurate and specific locations and forces. If you want to see some of our actuators in action, take a look at our YouTube Channel where we have videos of our products testing smartphone touch-screens, rejecting bottles on a production line and filling and capping bottles precisely and quickly. 

ORLIN Technologies is not just about actuators, though. We also supply drivers, controllers, small motors, opt o-mechanical products, laser beam dumps and stands and much more. If you require any motion control or opto-mechanical products, ask us to provide a competitive quote with no obligation to purchase. We can even visit you to demonstrate our range.