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Choosing the best motor driven linear actuator for you will depend upon which of their characteristics align best with your application goals. It’s best to consider and compare each type in order to avoid specification errors and ensure optimal performance.

Belt drive actuators are an excellent choice if your design requires high speed and long stroke length. Ball screw actuators are great for when the design demands accurate and repeatable motion, however, they have a much lower speed and shorter travel length.

See below an example comparison of the CCM linear module range we carry. 

1) High speed 4m/s

2) High positioning repeatability: ±0.05mm

3) Max travel length: up to 6000mm

4) Max load capacity: 60kg
1) Max speed: 0.2m/s

2) Max travel length: 300mm

3) Max load capacity: 20kg

4) Very high positioning repeatability: ±0.02mm

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