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Case Studies

CASE STUDY: Screw Thread Check

Case StudiesOverviewThe Problem A manufacturer in the automotive industry produces a high-value component for high-end car engines. In the past, they have checked the threads in this part by hand; having workers on the production line who would manually insert a screw...

CASE STUDY: Screen Printing for Circuit Boards

Case StudiesOverviewIn order to improve the accuracy and speed of screen printing circuit boards, a client came to us with the following issue: The Problem To print a circuit board accurately every time, a squeegee has to press the ink through the screen evenly and...

CASE STUDY: Microscope Slide Assembly

Case StudiesOverviewThe Problem The automation of microscope slide assembly is challenging. Glass microscope slides are fragile, and cover glasses are thinner and even more delicate. Often, assembly is in a clean-room environment to avoid cross-contamination of slides...

CASE STUDY: Medical Assembly

Case StudiesOverviewThe Problem The modern manufacture of medical equipment such as surgical needles, medical catheters and other disposable parts have high manufacturing standards. Rigorous production and test procedures are a necessity to maintain high quality...

ORLIN Case Studies

ORLIN provides a personal, reliable, professional service to our customers and has been in business for over a decade. Some case studies of our applications in use demonstrate our fantastic track record of satisfied customers. The versatility and success of ORLIN’s...

CASE STUDY: Chip Mounting


chip mounting diagramThe Problem

Most production line chip mounting processes have restrictions because of the speed of their pick and place system. Using traditional pneumatic actuators results in a short life-span, a high failure rate and the system can therefore suffer from a chip mounting imagelack of precision in force and placement.

The ORLIN Solution

The SMAC LAL-90 actuator operates at 10 parts per second, with the up or down stroke, stop to stop, in 30 milliseconds. The actuator is capable of high force and high acceleration which leads to high-speed and high-accuracy in a production environment. To place a chip, the actuator rod moves down to compress a spring-loaded nozzle, placing the chip accurately in place and in force. The solution operates with high g-force, using a fast setting tome and with a 20 micron overshoot/undershoot. There are separately programmable PID servo parameters for down stroke and for up stroke.

SMAC’s patented SoftLand system ensures that delicate parts are placed accurately and therefore cause zero part damage.


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