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Here at ORLIN, we can offer various miControl drive controllers from their F1x- and F3x-series with UL, PROFINET and STO certification.

Furthermore, the F1x-series is available with optional SSI interface, UL and STO functionality.

These certifications stand for the highest quality and safety and guarantee maximum reliability for your drive systems.

When developing their drive controllers, the highest safety standards are top priority. As the world’s leading independent organization for the safety testing and certification of materials, components and end products as well as manufacturing processes, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) confirms that the drive controllers comply with the strictest safety standards.

The STO (safe torque off) safety function, which ensures maximum safety for employees and systems, should also be emphasized. Further drive controllers in the F1x- and F3x-series have now been approved by the accredited certification body TÜV Rheinland and awarded STO certification.

PROFINET certification ensures that the drive controllers are seamlessly compatible with other devices and systems that use this standard. This makes it much easier to integrate automation components into industrial networks.

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