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Working directly with SMAC’s dedicated encoder division in the USA, ORLIN Technologies is now able to offer optical encoders to customers’ specification with impressive lead times and low costs.


A manufacturer of PCB assembly equipment needed to replace a discontinued 17 MM diameter, flex mount, hollow shaft, 48,000 count Rotary encoder. They wanted a form, fit and function equivalent for a drop in replacement.

They also wanted high accuracy and low torque in the mechanical bearing system as they were using the motor encoder assembly in a positioning and force application. Not only was it necessary to come up with a way to design an optical encoder to meet the specifications for this application, but also to design a preloaded hollow shaft, ball bearing system for the 4 MM diameter bearings and 2 MM ID hollow shaft. Along with this, the means to test for accuracy and torque variation using the “Soft Land” feature of the SMAC controller was required. Accepted prototypes were made in 8 weeks.