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Ever Elettronica products customised according to your needs!

In the field of industrial automation for more than 45 years, Ever Elettronica designs and manufactures its own drives and motors for industrial automation. With their range, we can respond to a customer’s specific needs with products tailored to their applications.

What can we provide?


  • Power supply
  • Output current
  • Feedback interface
  • Fieldbus (Ethercat, Ethernet Modbus TCP, ProfiNET, Canbus, PowerLink)
  • Digital and analogic Input and Ouput
  • Sizes
  • Connectors


  • On-board electronics integration
  • Mechanical customisation (shaft, fixing holes diameter, special flanges)
  • Electrical customisation (custom windings and connections)
  • Customisation with brake, incremental or absolute encoder and gearbox
  • Environmental customisations such as IP65 protection and others

If you’d like any further information on how we can  help with your application, please just get in touch with us!