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If you produce, or are developing a mechanic to manufacture or test, glass screens and panels then you could increase your productivity and accuracy with a simple change. 

Precision work in grinding, cutting and polishing processes for the glass industry can be easily achieved with a SMAC programmable linear actuator from ORLIN Technologies. 

Precise force control and the ability to track a surface with constant force throughout the stroke are important when handling brittle material. SMAC’s unique Soft-Land function, the ability to apply as low force as 0.1N or less, and move with a set force while bevelling or cutting is something SMAC can easily do.

Successful applications with SMAC precision actuators have been proven at many top solar panel, flat screen and glass manufacturers around the world. 

Glass cutting and de-burring
Chamfering and bevelling
Scoring for solar panels and LCDs
Glass manufacturing and assembly 

Take a look at flat-panel manufacture and testing in action on our YouTube Channel: ORLIN Technologies