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Even though you might not notice them, actuators are all around us. They have become essential to so many elements of modern day living without you realising they’re there.  

They operate within a huge variety of industries like packaging, aerospace, industrial, transportation, manufacturing and scientific – particularly suitable for increasing the ergonomics and performance of medical equipment. Other common business sectors include food and beverage manufacturing, quality and vibration control, aircraft mechanics, agricultural machinery, cutting equipment and anyone with a requirement for ultra-high-precision.

They make many every day activities much easier and more comfortable, including electric doors & gates, lawnmowers, using cleaning machines or convertible furniture that you can customise to perfectly fit your needs like armchairs and sofas, height-adjustable beds or tables, lift chairs and wheelchairs. Even simple tasks like locking the car or opening and closing an electric window involve actuators.  

From just the small ones hidden in our homes to the larger models operating within business environments, it’s clear to see that they continually assist our lives on a daily basis.

ORLIN specialises in precision actuators for industrial applications. We can help you optimise manufacturing processes, increasing throughput and quality from your special purpose machine.