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If you are a user of optomechanical products and components, choosing the right optical table is crucial to developing the ideal workspace for your project.

1. Choose size

Optical tables are offered in a variety of sizes, both imperial and metric, to meet many application needs. The size ranges from 60cm x 90cm (2ft x 3ft) through to 300cm x 240cm (10ft  x 8ft). Each table series available from ORLIN Technologies is offered in two imperial and two metric thicknesses. The thicker tables are stiffer, yielding a higher resonant frequency, from 2.5cm to 20cm. Customised sizes and joined configurations can also be manufactured to meet your needs.

2. Specify vibration or non-vibration

We offer three series of vibration isolators and one type of non-vibration isolator to meet all requirements. 

3. Determine table height

Our standard table height is 85cm, which is industry standard and the most commonly used height. However, if you require something different then we can manufacture to meet your needs.

4. Customise add-ons

Standard options include laser parts, mounting for accessory shelves, black finish, customised cut-outs, hole patterns and specific heights for our wide range of isolators.

View our range of optomechanical products and buy online: www.opto-mechanics.co.uk