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Most modern vending machines use an X-Y gantry to pick up the product and bring it to the pick-up point: for this reason, each vending machine has at least two motors for axis management.

How can we improve its motion control?

We can provide a complete solution, using products from Ever Elettronica, which includes a fieldbus programmable vector drive for 2 phases stepper motors with CANopen interface, together with motors with incremental encoders for closed loop movement’s management.

The axes are controlled by the IMP device – which integrates the functions of motion controller, gateways and PLC, with the ability of reading IO-LINK sensors as well – or by a third-party master PLC.



The solution, designed with the latest industrial automation technologies, has proven to be a successful and effective motion control solution, meeting the complete satisfaction of those customers seeking a significant improvement in the efficiency of the vending system.

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