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We are always happy to provide full technical support from our UK based office. However, there are a few things you should do to get started with your new actuator and controller.

You will need:

Your actuator
A controller
Connecting cables (often hard-wired to the actuator)
A power supply (24v or 48v DC)
Wires for connecting power supply to controller
Hand tools (wire cutters, stripper, small screwdriver)
RS232 cable
USB to RS232 Adaptor (if your PC is not equipped with an RS232 Port)

All these items are available from ORLIN Technologies Ltd

Connecting your actuator

MultiPole Actuator connection diagram

SinglePole Actuator connection diagram

Connecting Communications Cable

Serial Communication using RS232 kit diagram

Examples of SMAC Actuators in use

Specific manufacturing applications

Other Case Studies 


1. Download LCC Control Centre

2. Install according to instructions

3. Once you have installed the software, these are the instructions for use

4. Before your actuator can be used, you need to download the correct config file for your actuator model

5. If you are using a multi-phase (multi-pole) actuator, you will need to include a phasing routing as part of the start-up sequence

6. Most applications will need the actuator to be homed as part of the start-up routine
We hope this helps you to get started quickly with your new SMAC actuator. If you require any further support, please contact ORLIN Technologies on 01525 306100 or by email sales@orlin.co.uk