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SMAC LogoThe SMAC Linear – Rotary actuator was originally developed to pick and place small objects, then moved into other electronic assembly applications. Next came the automatic thread check. Within the last couple of years, capping applications have spread and these most probably will exceed thread check apps next year. (SMAC have sold well over 100,000 pick and place units so that will be tough to beat).

A new application is emerging now: Smart Screw Driving. See below videos of the M0.8 drilling and M0.8 tapping:



The new SMAC assembly stations will all have:

– Auto screw driving set ups using LARs
– Auto pick up using vacuum or magnet
– Reverse direction to look for the thread match and drop
– Auto screwdriver that also confirms correct depth reached and torque out, which is fed back – a good way to put screws in.

Incidentally, the new LDL actuator concept will also include a LDR version.

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