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Brewers, Microbrewers and Manufacturers of Craft Beers have special needs that our Moving Coil Actuators can address.

Cleaning Kegs

Air cylinders used to plug beer kegs during the cleaning process and need replacing frequently due to corrosion. Moving Coil Actuators have a longer life and are quicker and more precise. 

Double Seam Testing of Aluminium Can Lids 

SMAC Actuators can replace the need for manual seam testing by automating the process, enabling quality control to match production speeds.

CO2 Dosing 

CO2 is injected into cans to pressurise and kill bacteria before Double Seaming. Our actuators have a proven record in similar applications with accurate and programmable dosage control.

Aligning Cans

Using pneumatics to position cans is unnecessarily time-consuming, and the force of pneumatics can damage cans. The SMAC alternative includes soft-land technology which is capable of moving quickly and accurately, but landing softly, offering up to 1200-1800 cans per minute throughput.