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With the continuous development of new projects within the vast landscape that is industrial automation, flexibility and adaptability are key qualities for customer satisfaction. With this outlook Ever Elettronica have developed a new type of multiprotocol drives.

What does Multiprotocol mean?

Drives with this feature can be configured to communicate with a wide range of major fieldbuses on the market without any hardware modification but with a simple software setup.

Fieldbuses already available for interfacing on a Multiprotocol device include:

  • ProfiNET

  • EtherCAT

  • Ethernet IP

  • PowerLink

Developed for both brushless and stepper motors – in the SN4DSW5DAW5D series – in which, by downloading an ad hoc firmware, it is possible to change the communication protocol according to the need of your application.

Multiprotocol drives ensure fast and flexible application and user-friendly configuration provided on the software, without the need for additional servers or special hardware.

For more information on the Ever Elettronica range, please just get in touch with us!