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The SND4 series – designed and produced by Ever Elettronica – features nearby drives that are ideal for all applications where it is useful to decentralise the installation in the machine, simplifying the electrical panel and wiring in the machine itself.

This type of controller has recently been enhanced with drives equipped with the PowerLink interface (DS402) and outputs for driving two independent motors.

PowerLink is a communication protocol, based on standard Ethernet, that guarantees reliable and deterministic communications. It is therefore suitable for applications with a significant motion component – such as robotics.

SN4D drives with PowerLink interface ensure perfect synchronisation between axes and reduce the workload of the PLC master controller. They are also available in closed loop, which allows better control than an open loop solution thanks to torque, position and speed feedback via incremental encoder.

Features of SN4D drives with PowerLink interface at a glance:

  • Outputs for driving two independent motors

  • PowerLink fieldbus with DS402 functionality

  • Service serial for real-time configuration, programming and debugging

  • Compatibility with the most common PLC Masters on the market

  • IP65 protection

  • Closed loop speed, torque and position




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