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With the help of SMT Today, SMAC have launched their new LDR16-035 electric linear rotary actuator – a precise and low-cost actuator designed for electronic assembly applications.

The first of a new series, the LDR16-035 has many features:

  • 35mm stroke

  • HT12 motor (for precision control needed for PCB pick & place machines)

  • Patented low shaft runout

  • Rod runout is less than 10 microns (75% lower runout than competitors)

  • Precise printed coil technology to eliminate motor cogging

  • Linear guide built-in lubrication for extended life

  • Programmable force (control of force & torque, position, acceleration and velocity)

  • “Soft-land” capabilities

  • Energy-efficient (last more than 200 million cycles)

“The LDR16-035 offers the highest precision available for electronic assembly. There is demand for narrow pitch actuator with very low rotary runout, which is the wobble of the rotating shaft. Precise control of component placement and force is extremely critical in circuit board assembly, especially as electronic parts continue to get smaller.”

SMAC Founder and CEO, Ed Neff

For a more detailed description, read the full article from SMT Today.

If you’d like to enquire further about the LDR16 Series, please just get in touch with us here at ORLIN, a UK SMAC distributor.