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Group of various Piezoelectric DevicesIn astronomical instrumentation, the current trend is to build larger and more powerful telescopes. Such structures are able to gather more light and to view our universe in greater detail than ever before. Bigger telescopes are typically more sensitive to the surrounding environment, The
ongoing challenge is to eliminate any external disturbances to maximize image quality. Vibrations can be caused by environmental factors including
gravity and wind, or less tangible influences like atmospheric wave front distortion. These external influences are minimized or eliminated by the inclusion of real-time monitoring systems, controlling and adapting the shape and position of mirrors in a telescope.


ORLIN Technologies Ltd supplies solutions designed by CEDRAT Technologies. Two main types of actuators can be used to solve the vibration problem: PPA (parallel prestressed actuators) and APA® (amplified piezo actuators). The main benefits of the ORLIN solution are:

Simple, compact design
Optimised for dynamic applications
Highest stroke per unit length in the industry (APA®)
Precise actuation with nanometre resolution
Wide frequency range from quasiatic to ultrasonic