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ORLIN can supply innovative opto-electronic systems for manufacturers of high-end industrial vision solutions as used in surveillance and security. Applications include automated inspection, night vision, thermal imaging, and free-space optical imaging communication using CCD & CMOS  cameras, thermal imaging, cooled & uncooled IR camera.

Available mechatronic components are able to improve the performance of embedded vision systems, and can operate in harsh environments. We supply compact, dynamic and precise XY piezo and magnetic stages, piezo tip-tilt platforms and fast steering mirrors.

Some uses of the technology include:

Micro-scanning, pixel shift and dithering functions to enhance image resolution fo a detector, such as CCD, CMOS, FPA.

Optical image, laser or line of sight stabilization and anti-shaking or anti-blurring functions for precise target pointing and better image quality.

Auto focus function for continuous, fully automated correction of image focus. The controller and piezo stage can be fully customised depending on lens size and demands.