Incremental Absolute Optical Encoders

EncodersOverviewAbsolute encoders output a signal that directly relates to absolute position. For this reason, they do not require a homing or reference signals.  ORLIN Technologies offers a range of stepper motors fitted with absolute encoders from the...

Incremental Linear Optical Encoders

EncodersOverviewLinear encoders from SMAC take advantage of the latest technologies from manufacturers of consumer electronic devices to offer a reliable industrial product at a very low price. Proven in SMAC’s own range of linear actuators with over 100,000 units in...

Incremental Rotary Optical Encoders


Rotary encoders are devices that measure angular position. Incremental encoders, which output a pulse train to allow the controlling device to count up or down from the current position, are the most common type but absolute models are also available. 

ORLIN offers miniature optical encoders from SMAC with counts up to 24,000cpr. They were developed for use in SMAC’s own products which makes them ideal for OEM and embedded applications. We can also develop custom models for volume enquiries. 

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