Open Loop Stepper Motors

MotorsOverviewStepper motors (sometimes called step motors or stepping motors) provide low cost motion control without the need for feedback devices such as encoders. However, if greater accuracy or step-loss detection is required, it is possible to use encoders with...

Integrated Stepper Motors

MotorsOverviewIntegrated stepper motors have the driver mounted directly on the motor for ease of integration, reduced wiring complexity and compactness. Our new series of integrated stepper motor drivers – SMD-mini – is designed for small and medium size stepper...

Closed Loop Stepper Motors

MotorsOverviewClosed loop stepper motors offer the low speed torque of a stepper with the accuracy of a servo motor when used with a suitable drive. They consist of a conventional stepper motor with an attached precision encoder for position feedback, eliminating...

Brushless DC Servo Motors


A servo motor can be any type of motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback, usually an incremental encoder. A sophisticated controller (or drive) is required that can monitor position and speed against target values and adjust accordingly. This often involves complex mathematical algorithms, such and PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) control. ORLIN offers servo motors based on brushless DC (BLDC) motors, as these offer longer life than brushed motors. 

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