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Some of the most demanding applications in motion control can be found in the electronics and semiconductor industry. They require a combination of extreme accuracy and precision with high output.

SMAC Moving Coil Actuator technology has been adopted into electronics manufacturing industries around the world for both front and back-end processes. This is because of their high degree of accuracy and speed, positioning capabilities, and unique ability to control forces. Those capabilities are essential to do both work and test during the manufacturing process. SMAC linear rotary actuators come in a single ready-to-mount package with through-the-rod-vacuum. This pick and place head with vacuum saves you cost and increases the throughput of the machine.


  • Programmable force/torque, position, velocity in all axes

  • SMAC’s unique Soft-Land™ ability (<10gf contact force) to avoid parts damage

  • Easily programmed position and force “windows” to warn of missing or broken components

  • Precise force control with feedback


  • Rod/Shaft run-out < 30 micron (<10 micron optional)

  • Positions sub-micron accuracy

  • Different height placement


  • High speed continuous operation, 50,000 cycles/hour (15Hz)

  • Long life cycle over 100 million cycles

If these are what you are looking for, please get in touch for a chat about your application.