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Enclosed, Diffractive High Resolution Linear Encoder

  • Size LxWxH [mm]: 35 x 10.8 x 13.5

  • Encoder Type: Incremental optical

  • Resolution [µm]: 0.1 and 0.05

  • Freq. Response: 1.34m/sec (0.1µm), 0.6m/sec (0.05µm)

The SMAC SLE-35 high resolution linear encoder is similar in mounting to other industry standard enclosed linear encoders. This model is a miniature non-contacting high-resolution incremental linear encoder, which delivers two count channels in quadrature (called A and B) as output signals. The two output waveforms are 90 degrees out of phase and indicate both the position and the movement direction: when Channel A leads Channel B, for example, then the movement is from left to right of the scale when viewing the pattern side of the scale. Otherwise, if B leads A, then the displacement is in the opposite direction. This encoder is available in 0.1and 0.05 micron resolution.


  • Light Source: Light Emitting Diode;

  • Light Sensor: AEDR Optical Asic;

  • Resolution after quadrature: 0.1um or 0.05um

  • Output Format: Differential RS422 line driver output. Two count channels A and B in quadrature with an optional ZR output;

  • Quadrature spec.: 90° ±45° at maximum conditions;

  • Rise and Fall Time: 1µs max. into 1000 pF load;

  • Travel length: up to 150 mm standard. Please contact us for information about longer lengths.

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