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SMAC Moving Coil Actuators has introduced a series of electric gauge actuators that provide gauging solutions with fast and precise control of the process. Their design is based on SMAC proprietary moving coil technology and include SMAC’s own encoders.

“These electric gauge actuators are easy to install and eliminate problems associated with the conventional pneumatic solutions. They reduce maintenance time and cost.”

“The SMAC MSA/MLA series was designed to provide a complete measuring solution, improving on the value seen with traditional LVDT solutions. The series offers better linear resolution, longer strokes, programmable motion, Soft-Land, speed control and industrial robustness.”

The MLA is an electric gauge actuator with programmable, precision measurement. It is designed to provide consistent measurement replications and improve processes by reducing gauge repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) variation.

“It has repeatability and linearity of force no matter where it is operating in the stroke, unlike LVDTs that utilize pneumatics or springs. It achieves smooth and consistent low friction over the entire stroke. The MLA has an internal precision linear guide as well as added side-loading support on the shaft. It can handle higher side-loads than most LVDTs.”

The MLA8 is the first model in the series and measures 8 mm in width.

The MSA gauge actuator is a simple solution that does not require additional module(s) externally, and allows users to go directly to their PLC/high-speed counter card. It can handle higher side-loads, and it is more cost effective than traditional LVDTs, according to the company. The MSA8 is the first model in the series. It is compact, measuring 95 mm x 28 mm x 8 mm for 10 mm stroke.

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