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The new LDL series electric linear motor actuator from SMAC is aimed squarely at replacing pneumatic cylinders in systems where users want to increase speed, lifetime, efficiency and control.

Modern manufacturing techniques make this the lowest cost unit ever produced by SMAC, especially for a complete system with built-in programmable controller.

Available in 25mm and 40mm widths with forces ranging from 30N – 100N peak and 10mm -100mm strokes. An innovative design has driven down costs while improving quality and reliability including patented printed coil technology.


  • Cost competitive

  • Fully programmable in force, position and velocity, on the fly change capability

  • SMAC’s Patented ‘Soft-Land’ capability enables the unit to gently land on a delicate component, then apply a programed precise force with a controlled force to avoid damage of both the component and the actuator

  • Built-in controller available with various communication protocols (optional add-on)

  • Higher cycle rates

  • Long cycle life

  • Ability to feed back in real time what happened when work was done

The model shown below is the LDL25 which is capable of 28N peak force and strokes up to 100mm, but a wide range of LDL models is in development. All SMAC actuators are high speed and boast life times of hundreds of millions of cycles, with repeatable control on every one.

The next video demonstrates eject, divert or multi-lane solutions that can replace clumsy, costly, outdated and loud pneumatic assemblies, with a stacked SMAC Linear Actuator assembly design. In this demo, stacked LDL25C actuators with built-in controllers (x8) are making timed 11mm moves which get translated to 90 degrees (with continuous duty capability). Two paths are created to move an individual component product to a pass (or fail) lane at line speeds.