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New CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES demokits have been created showcasing the implementation of their P-FSM. These kits aim to demonstrate CTEC’s capability in developing compact mechanisms and driving electronics. They utilize either a P-FSM150S or a MINI P-FSM35XS, a laser, and mirrors to amplify the laser deflection, making it visible on a screen within a confined space.

These two FSMs have been developed for the New-Space market with an approach focused on standardization and cost reduction. They can perform pointing and stabilization functions and are the result of 25 years of space heritage:

The electronic used is the Compact Controller Board CCBu20 which is an embedded all-in-one controller designed for piezo actuators. It includes everything necessary to drive and control a 2-axis piezo mechanism in a position loop. As a standard feature, its integrated dual-channel SG conditioner enables the reading of the position of the two axes of the mechanism.

Both axes of the FSMs are actuated at different frequencies, creating a visual effect of a rotating rosette due to retinal persistence. 

We are the UK distributor for Cedrat, so please just get in touch with us if you want more information on their products!