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CMZ have introduced their new remote peripheral RP064 I/O.

Based on CAN fieldbus and CANopen DS401 protocol, peripheral RP064 manages:

  • 32 digital inputs with integrated functions for incremental encoder and counters

  • 32 digital outputs

  • 2 analog inputs

  • 2 analog outputs

Other main features:

  • Extremely compact (Dimensions mm: H 110 x W 57 x D 73)

  • Customizable on request

  • DIN rail mounting

  • Made in Italy

RP064 I/O is used with:

  • CANopen peripheral for FCT series controllers (FCT640, FCT300, FCT200)

  • CANopen peripheral for expansion of servo drive SBD in PLC version

  • CANopen peripheral for other-branded controllers with CANopen fieldbus (EDS file)

Please just get in touch to find out more!

CANopenBus CANopen DS401
DIGITAL INPUTS32 digital inputs 24 Vdc PNP – isolated. Provided inputs with special functions for the acquisition of 2 incremental encoders and 2 single-channel counters
DIGITAL OUTPUTS32 digital outputs 24 Vdc PNP 200 mA (or 500 mA max 16 outputs) – isolated
ANALOGIC INPUTS2 analog inputs +/- 10 V, 12 bit, not isolated
ANALOGIC OUTPUTS2 analog outputs +/- 10 V, 12 bit, isolated
DIP SWITCHDip-switch for configuration of NodeID and Baud rate.
Dip-switch for termination resistor
LEDs3 diagnostic LEDs.
64 status LEDs for digital inputs and outputs
CONNECTORSRemovable connectors (terminal block type) – push-in with side screw.
RJ45-type CAN connectors