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The DTT60SM-SG is a piezo Tip Tilt steering Platform with 10 mrad peak to peak amplitude (+/- 5 mrad) along 2 orthogonal axes of rotation Rx & Ry. The unloaded resonance frequency is higher than 1.6 kHz which open large bandwidth steering mirror operations.

This steering platform can welcome a large spectrum of mirror diameters up to 2 inches (~50 mm). As an option, CTEC can also provide the user with a specific mirror integrated and tested with the DTT60SM-SG platform.  Strain Gages Sensor (SGS) are bonded on each axis to monitor the angular positioning and the related SGS conditioner is integrated in the PCB platform. This embedded SGS conditioner allows the SGS positioning feedback signal to be non-sensitive to the external disturbances and to the cable length between the DTT60SM-SG and the controller. This is very useful for embedded Electro Optic systems where control electronics and optical payloads can be separated by long distance cable. The low capacitance per axis (3uF) leads to reduce the power consumption over a large control bandwidth. The CCBu40 controller box is recommended for using the DTT60SM-SG in dynamic condition with operating frequency up to 200 Hz at full stroke.

The main applications are Fast steering Mirrors, micro-scanning, speed tracking, Anti blurring and Line of sight stabilization in embedded Electro Optic systems.

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